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We aim to produce unique experiences that brings together leaders and influencers in the MIT community who are at the forefront of solving world’s most challenging problems through creative applications of technologies. Through events and community building initiatives, we hope to create an active network of MIT professionals in tech who leverage their time, talent, resources and connections to help each other.

Professional Event Series

We feature topics of greatest demonstrated alumni interest. In most cases, we will explore emerging and frontier technologies from the perspective of ground breaking research, application of technology to transform industries, public policy and its impact, commercialization and financing. In addition to panel discussions, speaker series, and event tours, we aim to create opportunities for deeper and more meaningful dialogue amongst our members. The programs within our Professional Event Series include:
  • Energy and Environment
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Technology

Startup Track

This track is designed to help founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through a combination of speaker series, networking opportunities, and entrepreneurial support programs MIT founded startups can get valuable insights throughout their lifecycles from recruiting, to funding, advice, scale, and potential sale. In addition, we help startup investors and emerging angels exchange ideas, tactics, and advice with each other, and practice the art of developing an investment strategy, find opportunities, and craft decision making frameworks for early stage investing. The programs within our Startup Track are around:
  • Co-Founder Connector
  • Startup Support
  • Angel Investing
  • CXO Council

Social Track

We are the epitome of the MITCNC mission. We plan events to connect local MIT alumni to further their well-being. We plan diverse, intriguing, enlightening, exciting, and plain old fun events in all areas of NoCal and beyond! We host over 25 events a year across the Bay Area for all interests from happy hours to family-friendly events.

Impact Track

Giving back and making an impact within our community and world are a part of our DNA. This track will focus on initiatives to use our talents and time to various causes in the Bay Area.
We will organize at least 5 volunteer sessions this coming year and build relationships with at least 15 nonprofits/civil service organizations. If you are interested in joining or have suggestions for causes, please reach out to club officers.

Affinity Circles

Connecting over shared experiences and goals is one way we strive to foster deeper and more meaningful relationships amongst our community.
Our Affinity Circles are around:
  • Life Experiences - new parents, new to SF, entering retirement
  • Life Goals - dating, financial planning
  • Professional Goals - entering engineering management, getting on boards


From finding a job, to negotiating compensation packages, to becoming a better leader, we aim to help our alumni community grow professionally.
We organize workshops around resume critiques to mock interviews to help build the confidence to succeed through career transitions. We connect organize job fairs for alumni where they find opportunities in early stage companies - looking for early team members.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved please send us an email at